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What is Microsoft Power Apps


Power Apps, an integral part of the Microsoft Power Platform, is your gateway to building tailored solutions.  From streamlining processes to enhancing user experiences, Power Apps empowers you to innovate with ease.

Explore how Power Apps can revolutionise your approach to application development, putting the power to create dynamic, data-driven applications in your hands.

But i'm not a developer!

Well, that doesn’t really matter when using Power Apps!

Create feature-rich, custom business applications without the need for coding.  As long as you can drag and drop items onto a page, you should be fine.

If not, check out our Services page to see how we can help you upskill and begin creating the apps in days that previously would have taken months.

Apps for any device

Canvas Apps

Design and construct a business application directly from a canvas on your screen without the need for coding.  Power Apps features a straightforward drag and drop interface, allowing you to easily built anything you dream of… well, almost anything!

tabular data made simple

Model Apps

The model app design in Power Apps adopts a component-focussed approach to app development that eliminates the necessity for code.  Think of a database with tables that you can build in a simple UI.

Database behind the scenes

Utilise Dataverse

The root of all of Power Apps, Dataverse is essentially a database that sits behind the scenes and provides a simple UI for creating new tables, columns, and data sets.  Report on anything, at any time.

One system for all

Who is it for?

Microsoft Power Apps is used by organisations of all sizes for, well, whatever they need!

Due to the immense flexibility, some organisations will use Model Apps for simple CRM systems, whilst other may utilise Canvas Apps to provide workers on-site with an easy to use tablet / mobile application that saves their data straight back to Dataverse.

Whatever the industry of your business, Power Apps has something to give your organisation.

Multi-device users

Whether you are using a PC, tablet, or smartphone, Power Apps is designed with multi-device users in mind.

Any application that you create can be responsive based on the screen size and device that you are using, removing the requirement for multiple applications that do the same thing.

front-line workers

Often used within the construction and manufacturing industry, Power Apps allows you to create simple to use forms that are accessible on tablet / mobile devices.

Once completed, this data can be immediately viewed within the system and reported on via Microsoft Power BI.

Large Datasets

With Dataverse behind the scenes, Model Apps can provide you with a stable system capable of handling all of your records.

With a simple management area, Dataverse allows you to keep an eye on the size and stability of your Dataverse database, and automatic backups ensure that your data is safe and secure.

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