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What is Microsoft Power BI


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data is the driving force behind smart decision-making.  To stay competitive, organisations need to harness the power of data analytics to ensure those decisions are the right ones.

That’s where Microsoft Power BI comes in – your ticket to transforming data into insights and driving success.

Interactive Dashboards

When using Microsoft Power BI, filtering and slicing the data is as simple as clicking on what you are interested in.

Want to see what makes up the Red section of a pie chart?  No problem, click on it and the rest of the dashboard filters to focus on only those items, allowing you to find data quickly.

Automatic Reporting

Quick Insights

Struggling to understand your data?  Microsoft Power BI can automatically discover hidden patterns and trends in your data, and generate charts and visualisations to highlight them

rest assured, you're secured

Data Encryption

Microsoft Power BI lets you secure your data with encryption at rest and in transit, and complies with industry standards and regulations.

understand your data

Intuitive Reporting

Create interactive and responsive dashboard reports that can be customised and shared with others within your organisation.  Bookmark specific views and filters to quickly return to them in the future.

One system for all

Who is it for?

Microsoft Power BI provides data analytics for anybody in your organisation who needs it.  When coupled with the right systems, Power BI can give you an overview of Sales, Accounts, Projects, Change Requests, and just about anything else you want to report on!

Decision Makers

Many organisations struggle to visualise the data they need.

Regardless of whether you manage a team, or look after an entire department, utilise Microsoft Power BI to provide you with the insights you need to ensure you have the whole picture before making business critical decisions. 

Everyone else!

What do you need to see?

If you have the data available, why not utilise a system that is solely built with visualisation in mind.

Microsoft Power BI can connect to hundreds of systems with pre-built connectors, or create custom connectors to visualise other applications.

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